Tab Butler and Laura Thommen to represent Platina Systems at the upcoming SVG Summit on December 13-14

Veterans of the media and entertainment industry Tab Butler and Laura Thommen will represent Platina Systems at the next SVG summit. Butler and Thommen, who have over 60 years of combined industry experience, will discuss the challenges attendees face and how Platina can help them solve them.

SVG Summit, the industry’s premier event for live sports and event production, will take place December 13-14 in New York City.

“The public cloud was not designed for media and entertainment workflows and the massive amounts of data they work with,” says Mark Yin, co-founder and CEO of Platina Systems. “We are delighted that Tab and Laura are at the SVG Summit to help attendees understand how they can regain full control of their workflows, processes and costs with Platina. “

The advantages of public cloud in private cloud
Public cloud computing has brought tremendous value to organizations, but also introduced new challenges for media and entertainment companies:

  • Cloud storage is prohibitively expensive on a petabyte scale, primarily due to punitive exit fees.
  • Tapes create more challenges than solutions for businesses that require multi-user access with performance in milliseconds.
  • Companies develop several in-house solutions for common workflows, but eventually find that those solutions become complex and cannot scale.

Platina Systems brings all the benefits of public cloud to private cloud, enabling businesses to realize the true value of their data – and do so with costs under control.

Platina helps businesses combine storage and IT in a single cluster, enabling faster access, reliability and scalability, and up to 75% savings over siled storage technologies.

Platina’s flagship product, Platina Command Center, provides policy management, visibility, and information across all your clustered storage, compute, and networking resources, allowing you to manage your infrastructure the way vendors do. hyperscale public cloud, but at the scale of the private cloud.

The latest version, Platina Command Center 1.7.1, supports provisioning of Ubuntu 20.04 and Ceph Octopus operating system on Ubuntu 20.04. By using Ceph-based storage in a private cloud, businesses can simplify infrastructure operations at a fraction of the cost of using external storage.

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