The latest Holden V8 isn’t what you think it is

This big hood scoop is a match as to what's underneath.

Lloyds auctions

This big hood scoop is a match as to what’s underneath.

The latest V8-powered Holden goes under the hammer. It will probably make a lot of money, but it’s actually a lot more interesting than you might think. Partly because it’s not a Commodore.

It’s actually a Colorado ute prototype V8 that Holden was about to reveal in full before GM called the curtains on the marque, the last engineering vehicle ever built and ditched by HSV.

The ute was hand-built in 2019, fitted with the Chevrolet Camaro’s 6.2-liter V8 and ten-speed automatic transmission, to be a true competitor to the Ford Ranger Raptor. And, as we know, Ford has also come very close to building its own V8 powered superute.


The HSV Colorado SportsCat was a new direction for the Australian company which is best known for its powerful V8s – a diesel engine with no extra horsepower!

In the Camaro version, the engine produced 340 kW of power and 617 Nm of torque, which would have easily eclipsed the 157 kW / 500 Nm of the diesel-powered Ranger Raptor.

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Apparently there were four versions of the Colorado V8 circulating during development, as engineers toyed with different engine and transmission setups, but this one has come the entire distance, according to

Yes, HSV almost sold us a Camaro-powered SportsCat.

Lloyds auctions

Yes, HSV almost sold us a Camaro-powered SportsCat.

One of those other versions was an all-terrain-centric ZR2 Colorado, with specs taken from the North American Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. This project didn’t go as far as this one, however.

“We debated whether or not to curate, but we already have a collection and we wanted an HSV fan to be able to enjoy this car,” said Chris Polites, Commercial Director of the Walkinshaw Group. drive.

“We know how much fun our engineers had developing this car, and we really want others to get a taste of what was possible and how far this program has evolved. “

We don't know how much the Colorado V8 can haul into the rack, but it will sound fantastic to do so.

Lloyds auctions

We don’t know how much the Colorado V8 can haul into the rack, but it will sound fantastic to do so.

It turns out that the development was very advanced. HSV got the nod from the big Holden bosses to sell the Colorado V8, and was reportedly within “months” of ramping up production and sending out press releases detailing its impressive new creation before Holden be deleted.

To keep costs down, the V8 engine and transmission would have been installed on the production line in Thailand before HSV installed other go-fast bits at its Melbourne plant.

Would that have saved Holden? Probably not, even if it were to be priced around $ 80,000- $ 90,000 and bring back Panorama Silver, which covered early HSV vehicles. But that would have been a hell of a goodbye.

Confirmed: the real latest HSV.

Lloyds auctions

Confirmed: the real latest HSV.

“This is the last car to be plated by HSV, the last car to wear an HSV badge and the last HSV through our engineering center. This is truly the last car built by HSV, and it was completed after the last of the GTSR W1s, ”added Polites.

Lloyds Auctions offers the Colorado V8, with a current offer of AU $ 109,000. As a test mule, the ute has over 23,000 km on the clock, but it still looks legal on the road, which is good news for those hoping to spot it.

He reports that the engine has custom driveshafts, four-inch headers and exhaust, along with a new airbox, fuel system, and retuned ECU. The build plate under the hood has been engraved with “The Real Last HSV”.

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