The original voice actor Aang of the last airbender?


Zach Tyler Eisen rose to fame at a young age as the voice of Aang in Avatar: The Last Airbender, but he hasn’t been seen much since. Here’s why.

Zach Tyler Eisen rose to fame at a young age as Aang’s voice actor in Avatar: The Last Airbender, but fans may wonder what happened to him as they haven’t seen him much since. That’s because, after a prolific career as a child star and voice actor, Eisen effectively retired from acting to focus on other interests in the entertainment industry. So what exactly has Aang’s voice been doing since the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender?

Eisen started acting in commercials when he was only four years old and went on to gain increasingly prominent roles in his prepubescence. He has voiced characters on Nick Jr. Little Bill and People at the back yard and starred in the animated feature film The tyrant of ants as the main protagonist Lucas Nickle. His most famous role, of course, is Aang in Avatar, but once the show was over, Eisen moved away from it and most of his other acting work.

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During his teenage years, Eisen took a complete break in his entertainment career, eventually attending Syracuse University after graduating from high school, where he studied film and television production. In a 2021 appearance on the official Nickelodeon website Avatar: The Last Airbender Podcast Brave the elements, Eisen explained that he is more interested in working behind the camera as an adult. As such, he took on more work in audio, production, and directing, with his main focus being cinematography. He mainly worked in short films and more independent television productions like hunt, Mack, and Truth or Dare – a series he helped create in college – while doing other odd jobs in the industry.

Aang leaping through the air with his staff on the Imbalance blanket

Although Eisen may not be as active on the con circuit or as plugged into the Avatar fandom as former costars like Dante Basco and Jack De Sena, who voiced AvatarPrince Zuko and Sokka, respectively, he remains connected to the community and has spoken on several occasions in recent years of his gratitude for the opportunity to work on the series. Playing Aang was obviously a big part of his youth, after all. But the former star is now naturally more focused on her other creative pursuits.

Recently, Eisen has been a little more directly involved in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, appearing on streams with former castmates and doing more interviews about her time on the show. It is clear that most of his professional energy will remain devoted to his filmmaking career and the rest of his behind-the-scenes work. But with the modern resurgence of Avatar: The Last Airbender and new shows and movies going on, it’s also possible that fans will see a little more of Eisen in the community from time to time.

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