The Voice’s Wendy Moten gives update after taking Scary Fall live on stage

The voiceThe show knocked out of the Top 11 took a frightening turn after a contestant fell from the stage during a performance with his band. Wendy Moten joined Blake Shelton and his team to perform live. “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch.” Moten fell to the ground after the song ended and the contestants started to leave the stage. The team helped him off the stage.

After Carson Daly provided a few more results, The voiceDaly has promised an update from Moten when the show returns live. Upon her return, Wendy Moten stood alongside Carson Daly to brief viewers on her condition. She assured everyone that everything was fine.

I’m a little bruised, but you know what? I am always ready to go!

Whoa, what a pro! That such a thing will happen to you on live TV has to be one of the artists’ biggest fears, and I’m so glad Wendy Moten was able to stand up and tell us she will be fine!

Carson Daly had previously announced that Wendy Moten was advancing into the Top 10, so her live performance with Blake Shelton’s side was her last homework of the night. Hope she has plenty of time to recover before next week! The scary moment is below.

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We are sorry for Wendy Moten and wish her good luck. The voiceWe will be backTop 10 will air on Monday, November 29 at 8 p.m. AND on NBC.

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