WAM factory in San Francisco invests in a second audience console

WAM factory in San Francisco invests in a second audience console

United States – A second Audient mixing console has just been installed at the Women’s Audio Mission (WAM) facility in downtown San Francisco. “Our facility has four recording spaces, and upgrading the second control room to an ASP8024-HE ensures that the workflow between the two control rooms remains consistent,” says studio manager Mary Ann Zahorsky. WAM and chief engineer.

“This console brings us the updated features of the ASP8024-HE and allows engineers to make smooth and efficient transitions from one control room to another, as session schedules often require moving around another piece of our setup.”

According to Mary Ann, the installation of the office could not have gone better. “Thanks to the DB25 connections, it was very close to plug and play. In fact, I only plugged in a few cables on the day of delivery just to prove it was working when it arrived. She continues: “The crate was carefully designed, perfectly packaged and came with clear instructions. We were even able to modify the crate slightly and repackage it with our outgoing console. From arrival to repacking to setting up the console on its support, it took less than two hours! Absolutely unexpected!”

Having recorded everyone from Beyonce’s band to The New York Times in the studios, Mary Ann is really looking forward to “doing a super efficient workflow between the two control rooms” using the two Audient consoles. “We have to be very flexible because we can go from full sets to an audiobook over the course of a day,” she says, citing jazz singing legend Denise Perrier as an example.

“We recorded Denise Perrier last fall on our first ASP8024 in Control Room 1 with Howard Wiley producing. For this project, we used every channel of the 48-channel console, and also put all four recording spaces into action for basic tracking sessions.

“David Sedaris for Hachette Books recorded his latest audiobook, ‘Happy Go Lucky’ and Gina Schock of the Go Go’s recorded his book ‘Made in Hollywood’. Toro y Moi was recording at WAM in January and we expect more music and stories to be recorded in our facilities in the coming months,” she adds.

WAM is the only professional recording studio in the world run entirely by women. Executive Director Terri Winston founded WAM with the goal of countering the fact that less than 5% of people who create audio are women/gender non-conforming individuals.

According to its website, WAM is changing the face of sound by providing hands-on training, work experience, career advice and placement to more than 4,000 women and girls each year in creative technologies for music, radio, cinema, television and the Internet. Ten additional Audient iD4 audio interfaces helped equip a WAM training site in Oakland, California.

Terri says, “We so value our partnership with Audient. Having these two amazing consoles has made WAM’s studio complex in San Francisco a world-class recording destination allowing us to attract great projects across all industries and… ‘offer the opportunity for women or gender-diverse producers and engineers to earn critical professional credits in the industry.’

The programs offer something for everyone. Girls on the Mic is aimed at middle schoolers, adult education and an internship program ensure those 18 and older are catered for. “Between our staff engineers, freelance engineers, interns, students, and the artists we serve, we expect over 1,000 people to get their hands on the new Audient desktop in the coming year.”

Fortunately, the classic ASP8024 installed in 2015 is still on and working every week. “Taking a moment to contemplate the new features of the ASP8024-HE when it arrived allowed the lead engineer, MAZ, to consider the optimal wiring and installation scheme. This of course led to returning to the control room 1 to re-route some things to improve the workflow in that room as well. Turned out we hadn’t taken full advantage of FB routing for remote producers and local talent. With a trade output port on the back of the console, routing is even more versatile and remote connections are standardized for routine use.

Mary Ann is no stranger to the industry herself, having worked as an engineer and freelance engineer for a variety of studios, with occasional live work. She has been involved in projects with Whitney Houston and MC Hammer, on soundtracks for independent films and television post-productions, and on advertising campaigns such as Levi’s and Taco Bell. She has also served on the national board of the Recording Academy and led the San Francisco board as chapter president.

March 22, 2022

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