Wheatstone launches new Blade 4 and GSX programmable AoIP console


NEW BERNE, North Carolina—Wheatstone announced new products for this year’s NAB Show, including Wheatstone’s Blade 4, the first AoIP access unit to include routable audio processing, mixing, codecs and software applications in 1 RU, and the console GSX programmable AoIP.

Blade 4 is Wheatstone’s fourth generation I / O unit for its WheatNet-IP smart grid.

“We are adding more and more intelligence to the AoIP network with each new blade,” said Jay Tyler, Wheatstone Sales Director. “Rather than having an I / O unit that takes up space, why not double that rack space with routable audio tools like mixing, processing and streaming? The difference in power to Blade 4 is that we have far exceeded double here.

Blade 4 can be integrated into any new or existing WheatNet-IP network.

During the show, Wheatstone will also present a new programmable AoIP console.

GSX is the newest addition to the WheatNet-IP audio network and features soft switches, controls and displays for ultimate console surface adaptability, the company said.

Designed to handle the rapidly evolving roles of modern broadcast studios, the GSX is a user-configurable surface with softswitches and controls similar to the LXE console surface but in a small footprint.

Wheatstone’s flagship LXE console surface, introduced in 2016, was the first fully customizable control surface for IP audio systems.

Wheatstone will showcase the new GSX console surface at booth N4031 at the fall NAB convention with its new Blade 4 and other items for its WheatNet-IP smart network, a full IP audio ecosystem of consoles, talent stations , I / O units, accessories, virtual tools, user interfaces and appliances.

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