Wheatstone supports Touch & Rich

Custom touchscreens facilitate fast network sends

Posted: July 21, 2022

world radio Buying guide section this month focuses on consoles and mixers.

Faders fly during “The Touch & Rich Show” broadcast in the morning on WBZ(FM) from Beasley, “98.5 The Sports Hub”, flagship station of the Boston Bruins, New England Patriots, Boston Celtics and Revolution teams.

Of them Wheatstone LXE console surfaces, one in the chat studio and another in a control studio, the sync fader movements for the six mic positions in the chat studio.

The custom touchscreen includes sport routing – buttons on the right – programmed by Chris Penny; further routing by Dennis Knudsen.

Pictured is host Fred Toucher at the controls of the WheatNet-IP Audio Networked LXE. Studios are moving fast, with contributor streams coming in and network streams going out. The Sports Hub features custom touchscreens above the LXE consoles for quick network sends to the Westwood One syndication headend along with the appropriate automation tones and triggers.

“When they press the Patriot button, it gives them control of those triggers and that particular delay, and conversations in certain areas of the chat studio and control rooms, depending on what network they’re talking to” , said Dennis Knudsen, Beasley. Director of Boston Engineering, who did the routing backend script for Beasley Boston’s four music stations and enlisted Chris Penny’s help with Agile Broadcasting with routing scripts for the WBZ 98.5 network end .


Fred Toucher works on the Wheatstone LXE console.

The LXE console surfaces have automated mix-minus and associated connections so that the right mix-minus, codec feedback stream, and GPIO logic follow the sources during live commentary, play-by-play or for d other inflows.

Touch and Rich are Fred Toettcher and Rich Shertenlieb. In addition to syndicating Bruins, Patriots and Celtics game stations, The Sports Hub syndicates “Toucher & Rich” nationally as its number one show dominating Boston’s ratings for male and female audiences. adult from 25 to 54 years old.

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