Wipro, Prestige, Eco Space: big names on the list of invaders in Bangalore

Several high profile builders, developers and technology parks are on the list of alleged encroachments in Bengaluru. The list was compiled by the state government to find the names of buildings that closed nearly 700 drains in the city, a report by NDTV declared. This was done after several parts of Bengaluru experienced severe flooding following rains for the past few weeks.

The list contains building names from Wipro, Prestige, Eco Space, Columbia Asia Hospital, and Divyashree Villas, among others. The report further adds that on the one hand, demolitions of overgrown properties belonging to ordinary people are in full swing, and on the other hand, buildings belonging to large corporations have not yet been affected.

However, the NDTV The report also quotes some engineers familiar with the matter as saying that no encroachment will be spared, despite the delays.

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Since last week, demolitions in residential areas have continued. An international school belonging to an opposition member was also demolished recently, NDTV reported.

The perimeter wall of a four-storey building was demolished on Tuesday, while residents were still inside. Several residents claimed they received no notice of the demolition. They only knew it from the sound of the bulldozer.

The owner of the building also claimed that he had all the necessary permits.

Asked by NDTV on the fact that so much encroachment went unnoticed, a chief engineer supervising the demolition of a school said it was the responsibility of the revenue department.

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