WTAMU students win several big prizes in a national competition

Students from the West Texas A&M University chapter of the National Electronic Media Association (NEMA) won seven major prizes at the 59th Annual National Undergraduate Electronic Media Competition.

WT students have won 14 awards at NEMA, formerly known as the National Broadcasting Society. Seven student projects submitted won a national grand prize and seven other projects received an honorable mention.

“The importance for students to win these awards is that their work has been recognized as the best among their peers in a particular category. … This reinforces that the hands-on approach that WT uses in its communication program communication is effective and benefits students in many ways,” said Michael McFarland, Assistant Professor of Media Communication for WTAMU.

Sophia Britto, an Amarillo Digital Communications and Media major and NEMA Chapter President, worked on the WT Advanced Video Production group which won three major awards. She also received an honorable mention for her work in the promotional video category on “Welcome to Canyon” with Pedro Lama-Colon, a recent Bedford graduate.

In a press release, Britto said, “Receiving awards for any of my work is a kind of reminder that I’m doing better than I realize. … The competition motivates me to work harder and encourages me to pursue creative projects that I would otherwise have no reason to try.

Jacob Toon, a junior digital communications and media student, and Jordan Conde, a sophomore digital communications and media student, won the Instructional/Corporate/Promotional Video Production category with their “City of Canyon Budget Video.”

The other student winners, who are all digital communication and media specialists, are junior Karree Belmares, junior Carson Bradley and senior Rachel Widder.

Junior Isaiah Tanner, Program Director for KWTS, spoke about his involvement in competitions and recognitions.

“I’m pretty proud to have received this recognition. With the KWTS awards, I was especially proud because a lot of these people had never used audio software before, so it was exciting to see them being recognized for that. ,” Tanner mentioned.

Major awards given to WT students include:

Educational/Corporate/Promotional Video Production: “City of Canyon Budget Video” by Jordan Conde and Jacob Toon;

Audio PSAs: “Dancing” PSAs by the KWTS production team;

Audio Station Imaging: “When I’m in My Car” promotion by KWTS production team;

Audio studio or live performance segment: “One Sessions by Darby Sparkman: ‘Drink with Jones'” by WT Advanced Production Class;

Video and/or musical entertainment program: “One Sessions by Darby Sparkman” by WT Advanced Production Class;

Studio Video or Live Performance Segment: “One Sessions by Darby Sparkman: ‘Drink with Jones'” by WT Advanced Production Class;

and opening of the video program: “Portraits of Dance 2021 Opener” by Maroon Production.

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