You can upload your personalized information, which includes audio recordings.

Did you know you can get and delete your personal data from Amazon? Audio recordings that include things like Alexa & Co. transcripts are particularly intriguing.

This may be a minor issue, but still intriguing to some. I recently came across this aspect and uploaded the request for my personalized information much more out of curiosity than concern for my privacy. While the latter is extremely important to me and I also need to know what Alexa & Co. has recorded over the many years and if there are any “newer” recordings, although I won’t use no Alexa-enabled units in my household.

You can get tons of personal information and facts, including search recordings, audio recordings from Alexa and Echo products, actions on your Amazon Generate, and more.

Requesting the data couldn’t be much easier, while it cannot be discovered directly in the account options. If you follow this back link, you get there instantly on the web page where you can talk to your personal information data. Below you can access all the information that has been accumulated over a long period of time. It is possible to request specific information for, for example, Alexa and Echo units (audio recordings and transcripts), search for information about your products, Hearth TV, changes to your Amazon Generate, Kindle Tv, Fireplace Tv, etc. from Amazon. Or you can just call all datasets collectively.

Get Amazon Custom Records

All this can choose a few hours. In my case it was just over 2 days (probably just because of the weekend). As soon as the selection of information is ready, you will receive an email notification. Just click on it and you will be ready to download the respective fact packs from a clear desktop. The “” file is really exciting. It consists of all audio recordings of all consultations throughout the period of use. With either, absolutely one thing happens. There is also an Excel file with the transcriptions, i.e. the translations of the audio requests.

Datasets are available for download sorted by category
Datasets are available to get sorted by group

And that’s exactly where it can be quite annoying. Especially if you choose to put Alexa on the exam in a bit of a drunken state. In the middle, there’s also an “Alexa, I like you” and requests that just can’t be repeated here. Either one might be surprised at how much Amazon has actually collected from you. Amazon will also have to buy a substantial part of the details, eg invoices, etc. for a specified time interval. Nevertheless, in case of voice commands, you can talk to Alexa to eliminate them.

Delete Alexa Voice Recordings/Voice Instructions

To do this, go to the Alexa app, then More > Options (equipment symbol) and under Alexa Knowledge Safety > Control Alexa Info, enable the “Empower Wipe by Voice Command” attribute. From then on, voice prompts such as the following are readily available:

  • “Delete what I just mentioned.”
  • “Erase everything I mentioned today.”
  • “Delete all my voice history.”

So you can always eliminate the accumulation of recordings or quickly erase the memories of “special evenings”. According to Amazon, the deletion of voice recordings impacts the “accuracy of interactions with Alexa”, which “could negatively influence user knowledge”. In all situations, I briefly used Alexa after the app and removed all voice commands. Let’s see if the 2017-2020 conversations are still there when I ask for my own information again.

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